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Nothing written, appearing, or linked to, on this site is intended to be individual legal, or investment, advice. Consult a financial or legal adviser before making any trade, or any other decision, based anything you read, or see, on this website.

This website treats all U.S. viewers’ visitor-paths — and visits — as public data. If you are from Europe, understand that this site can see — but will not disclose to the public — your visitor-path, in compliance with applicable E.U. directives. All material on this website is derived from public documents, and/or edited, modified, and derived (in most cases) from public domain sources, or in some other cases, is originally-created by the author(s) of this site. Any use of any proprietary image, document or other non-public domain property or data is genuinely-intended by the author(s) to fall under the United States common-law “fair use” doctrine (as a means of clear identification of the parties involved — including Chairman/CEO Patrick J. Allin and his companies), and is offered as criticism of, and commentary on, matters of substantial public concern. Chief among these “matters of substantial public concern” are (i) the SaaS systems of construction site billing and management solutions  (i.e., the central core of Textura’s business model); and (ii) the possibility that he effectively hid his prior affiliations with allegedly questionable companies as Textura went public.

Another matter of substantial public concern, here critiqued, analyzed and commented upon is the emerging trend, at American public companies like Textura, even post Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank, to wildly overpay CEOs — for shockingly poor performance. After the financial crisis of late 2008, the trend was toward more responsible executive pay — as authorized, and overseen by the boards of directors of most public companies. It seems that in 2012 and 2013, and continuing into 2015 — the excesses (and lack of board oversight and genuine engagement) on executive pay are reappearing, with a vengance — Textura is, in the blog author’s opinion, one of those companies. Mr. Allin is simply vastly overcompensated, for whatever value he purports to add — to a company that projects GAAP operating losses per share for the foreseeable future.

If any of this offends Patrick J. Allin, so be it — he is a public figure, as to all of these matters of substantial public concern.

Of course, if anyone wishes to dispute this assertion of “fair use”, please leave a comment in any of the comment-boxes, specifically-identifying the challenged material, and the basis for the challenge, on this site. The Site Administrator(s) will promptly consider the claim. In the same comment-box, the Site Administrator(s) will indicate the site’s position on any such claim. This site is entirely not-for-profit. Share, and share-a-like, licenses granted in, and to, all content. Copy-left 2013 to 2015.


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