As Of Last Week, The Oracle Offer Cleared Hart-Scott…

Bailout-Textura-Oracle-2016As of last week, and this amended SEC filing — the United States anti-trust regulators have indicated that they will not challenge the proposed combination of Textura with Oracle.

This significantly increases the likelihood of an on-time closing.

Now the only real impediment to the deal’s closing on time would be the emergence of a “topping offer”.

There are some plaintiff-side firms at least looking into whether $26 per share is too low a price — so I suppose it is possible that someone else decides to out-bid Ellison and Oracle.

But usually — in situations where all of Wall Street thinks the price is too low, the NASDAQ trading price of Textura would have already risen above $26 — and not by just a few pennies or dimes, too — and would have stayed there steadily, since shortly after announcement last month.

That has not happened, so I suspect there will be no higher offer.

Net net — it is highly likely now that Textura becomes… Oracle.


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