Textura Begins To Back-Fill, For Departing Board Seats: Kristi Ross, CEO of dough inc…

Textura-Ross-BoD-2016On the same evening as it announced 2015 year end results, Textura announced that Kristi Ross, the CEO of dough, inc., and former Co-CEO of TastyTrade, had joined Textura’s board of directors. Previously she was CFO of thinkorswim. She is imaged at right for clarity of identity. Clearly a dot.com style banker, no? They are still in need of one more new director, as two have recently announced their departures, as of this year’s annual meeting.

So — a financier/broker/trader type added to the board — interesting. She would likely be quite handy, in deal talks.

I’m jes’ sayin’… Onward, to the JMP Securities presentation, tomorrow evening in San Francisco.

Here’s a bit from the presser of last Wednesday:

Kristi Ross, Co-Chief Executive Officer and President of dough, Inc., has joined the Textura Board of Directors.

Chicago-based dough, Inc. is an online financial education and investing platform that was formed by the April 2014 combination of two companies, tastytrade, Inc. and dough. Prior to the combination, Ross had served as President of tastytrade and CEO and President of dough. Previous to that she was Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director of thinkorswim, an online trading platform that was bought by TD Ameritrade in 2009, and also held the roles of CFO and Senior Vice President of Sales/Marketing for Chicago Securities Group/Automated Trading Desk Specialists. Ross also has served on a number of private company boards, including dough, Inc., Sun Holdings, L.L.C., and Cheddar’s Casual CafĂ©….

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