What Will The Year End Results Call Reveal — After NASDAQ Close, Tomorrow Night?

Textura-YE-2015-GuessI won’t bother to repeat any of the auto-bot generated stories — on what to expect tomorrow.

They are so manifestly error-riddled as to be meaningless.

At right is my range of guesses — for GAAP losses per share, and the range is wide because Textura management has been particularly tight-lipped since Mr. Allin stepped away. And that is probably not a bad thing.

So that guess at right is just that — a guess. I’ll post after the call tomorrow with any concluding observations that come to me.

Be careful out there. [And a friendly wave, to all the Textura employees looking in here, on the regular. Be well — but be careful.]

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2 Responses to What Will The Year End Results Call Reveal — After NASDAQ Close, Tomorrow Night?

  1. bob says:

    what does that mean? be careful?

    • Blog Author says:

      Hey “bob” —

      It means — while I am not long or short this stock — I don’t want anyone getting hassled.

      It may well be that Textura’s senior management is open-minded and pro-diverging views, I wouldn’t want any employee to have to be the test case.

      If I can see these arrivals from the internal Textura servers, know that IT people at Textura can too.

      If you’d like, use a cellphone, while NOT on wi-fi — or check in while at Starbucks, or home — not using Textura’s back-bone.

      I promise only to tell the truth as I see it. But that may make some uncomfortable — and some may lose money.

      I have never worked for or been affiliated with this company — nor have I ever opposed it in litigation.

      Just the same — protect your own careers here — be safe.

      Namaste — this Blog’s Author

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