Brown Capital Entities Now Hold Over 13.67 Per Cent Of Textura

Textura-Brown-MBE-Holder-2015As of September 30, 2015, the Brown Capital entities held only a little over 163,000 shares  — well below the Schedule 13G individual reporting threshold. And so, that first link is a 13F Schedule, aggregated, under applicable SEC rules.

However, as of a December 10, 2015 SEC filing on Schedule 13G — the Brown Capital entities had jumped up — to control 3,566,526 shares, or around 13.67 per cent of all Textura’s outstandings. That figure is as of November 30, 2015 — so it may be a little stale at this point — nearly halfway through December.

So, they have apparently been acquiring, as Textura’s NASDAQ share price has been generally falling — likely providing some (unintended) support for the stock price. It is entirely unclear whether that support will continue.

It would appear that the Brown Capital folks have no formal relationship or understanding to act in concert with the NorthWater Capital entities — and Brown’s controlling group explicitly disclaims any present or planned intent to effect a change of control transaction, in Textura’s securities, by making the latest SEC filing on an ordinary Schedule 13G — rather than a 13D. Should it change its collective mind, immediate disclosure is now required, at that level of shareholdings, under applicable SEC rules.

Now, you know — and still Textura is falling again this midday, almost another 3 per cent, on the NASDAQ.

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